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Who We Are

Founded in 1961, Maciel & Ferreira starts as a small warehouse on the second floor of Rua de Santa Teresa, in the historic center of the city of Porto. Three years later (1964) the company changes facilities to Rua Cândido dos Reis, in downtown Porto, still occupying a three-story building, and where it remains until 1975.

The continuous development leads to a new change, this time more drastic, since the need for physical space was inherent. The new address during 40 years of work would be now the Avenida da Boavista, one of the largest business centers in the city.

Here installed until 2015, Maciel & Ferreira, Lda. evolves into later generations to one of the main partners and suppliers of the pharmaceutical market in Portugal.

Currently installed on Farrapas Street in Perafita, in a warehouse with more than 1400 m2, the company is at a new launch pad.

The almost 60 years of experience, maturity and innovation make this company a landmark in the field of cosmetics, perfumes, medical devices, providing for the entire Portuguese country, including the Azores and Madeira islands.

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A business is a living organism. It has personality, image and culture of its own. It is made up of professionals with different characteristics and abilities, but who, together, complement each other in search of common goals and dreams.

We summarize our Values, our Mission and our Vision here. Elements that are part of our "reason for being", which are the reflection of our way of thinking and guide the way we act.

Maciel & Ferreira's identity, affirmed throughout our history, is the result of the perception of each one of our clients.

Our Mission

Attend with excellence to the requests of our clients, development and offer of innovative products and services that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all in a sustainable way and interpersonal relationship.

Our Vision

To be a reference company, recognized as the best option for customers, employees and investors, for the quality of our products, services and relationship.

Areas of Commerce

We divided the products that we commercialize in the following categories: Medical Devices; Perfumery and Cosmetics; Portugue- se Traditional Products; Traditional Soaps; Cutlery and Hair Acces- sories; Hygiene Products; Dental Products; Food and Dietary Supplements; Chemicals; Galenicals; Teas and Geriatric Products.

Distributers and Brand Representatives

We are distributors of the major brands of medical devices in the domestic market, among which 3M; Futuro; Peeth; Geratherm; WWO e Pedag. Regarding the area of perfumery and cosmetics we distribute brands like Dermacelsia; Elite and Iap Pharma/- Saphir Parfums, following the evolution and current "trends".

We have the representation of the brands Magic Gummy, Real Saboaria, Saboaria Artmm and a line of innovative products for the first time marketed in Portugal - the natural cosmetics Mussa - face and body products, all natural, without chemical dyes, preservatives or parabens.

Medical Devices

Since pharmacies are our leading customers, a great part of our products are directed to them: Adhesives; sutures; eye bandages; protective strips; syringes; gauze compresses; bandages; cotton; harvesting cups; surgical and examination gloves (latex, nitrile and vinyl); condoms; pregnancy tests; cryotherapy/thermotherapy products; ear plugs; thermometers/tensiometers; orthopedic products; among others of equal significance.

With regard to Perfumery, Maciel & Ferreira offers the most representative brands in the market - HUGO BOSS; Versace; Moschino; Paco Rabanne; Carolina Herrera; Gucci; Calvin Klein; Dolce & Gabbana; Armani; Diesel; Burberry; MONTBLANC, among others, for men, women and children.

Generic Perfumery, a new concept in the market, appears directly in Pharmacies and Drugstores through the unique brand IAP Pharma. In Perfumeries/Boutiques the brand Saphir Parfums is commercialized.

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We distribute brands in cosmetics and the latest is Dermacelsia with nail polish and nail treatments, lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, eye and lip pencils, blushes, bb creams, moisturizers, concealers and mascaras. A whole innovative line of great quality and low cost prices.

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Hygiene Products

We hold a wide range of hygiene products. It includes shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body lotions, deodorants, toothpastes, shaving creams and foams, among many other articles of extremely well-known brands on the market like Nivea, Dove, Vaseline, Sanex, Pantene, Axe, Brut, Colgate, Sensodine and Savaii.

We cannot fail to mention the traditional Portuguese products! The soap works of Ach Brito/Confiança, Real Saboaria and Morgadio da Calçada; the Couto toothpaste; the restorative Olex; Cutoline hemostatic pencil and the hole 444 line; our own exclusive Lavicura soap and all-time Benamor creams.

Food Supplements

As far as food supplements are concerned, we work detox and slimming products, products that boost the immune system, energy products and multivitamins.


In terms of chemical/galenical products, we work dry compounds as Borate, Baking Soda, Magnesium Chloride, Incense, Myrrh, Flaxseed, Mustard; and liquids such as Vaseline, Paraffin and Sweet Almond Oil.

Our Clients
José Faria da Costa - C.E.O.

The fast pace in the information age makes it imperative that each company set aside significant time to examine and ask what adaptations it must now undertake to survive and thrive.


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